What we provide

 Consulting & Training 
    • MySQL - We provide MySQL consulting for many customers in Israel and abroad.
    • Our consulting in MySQL is in:
    • Designing you DB architecture - including replication, backup, monitoring and security.
    • Implementing the project from A to Z.
    • Performance tuning of your MySQL enviornment.
    • Training you stuff with all the latest available and required knowledge.
    • Assisting you in your maintenance.
    • SOLARIS - We provide Oracle Solaris consulting fcr many customers in Israel and abroad. We have the best available expertise and knowledge in Israel. We will assist you in maintaining and administering your Solaris environment.
    • LINUX - CentOS/RHEL/Oracle Linux Administration and Performance tuning is our bread and butter. 
    • Open Source - GIT, OpenLDAP, KVM etc... is among our specialties.
 Oracle Software
  • We sell:

    • MySQL Standard/Enterprise/Cluster subscriptions
    • Oracle Linux subscriptions
    • Oracle VM for X86 subscriptions
 Oracle Hardware
  • We sell:

    • Oracle X86 Servers
    • Oracle SPARC Servers
    • Oracle ZFS Storage (SAN/NAS)

Our Advantages
We strive to bring more value to the products we sell.
We provide unique level of support accompanied with high level of professionalism and personal care.
We will assist you to use and maintain the products we sell, in the most effective and efficient way.
We will always provide you our best knowledge and expertise.


    MySQL Replication techniques

    26 June 2017

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